Pooch Proper is a premier pet grooming service caring for all breeds to ensure they are comfortable and cared for while making them look amazing! Your pet is part of the family and you take care of their needs just as you would any other loved one. Grooming is an important part of their care and keeps your pet looking and feeling their best.

Why Pooch Proper is Perfect for your Pet

Pooch Proper is the perfect pet groomer in the Markham/Unionville area catering to all breeds in a caring, professional manner. What you can expect from us:

  • Relaxed Atmosphere – Our home-based business is fully equipped as any grooming salon without the sterile atmosphere that can make some pooches nervous. We offer appointment times and keep them so your pet won’t have to wait in a cage while they wait their turn to be groomed which often happens at other groomers.
  • Caring- We treat your fur baby with respect, patience and kindness while they are in our care attending to their grooming needs and giving them the best experience possible. We understand at Pooch Proper that pets can be stressed when they are in new situations or getting groomed, and we will do whatever we can to put them and you at ease.
  • Expertise- We appreciate the unique attributes of each breed and their type of fur, adjusting the style of grooming accordingly to give your pet the right look every time.
  • Communication- You know your pet best. Which is why we take the time to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about your pet’s grooming needs.

Pamper your Pet with Pooch Proper’s Grooming Services

We offer:

  • Bath and Brush (Bath, Brush, Nail Trim, Face Trim)
  • Full Service Packages (Bath, Brush, Overall Trimming, Styling, Nail trim, Ear cleaning)
  • Add on Services: Teeth Brushing and Anal Cleanse (to be added to full service packages)

Aya Yamaguchi & Loyal

Our Dog Grooming Services are Stress Free

Some pets love grooming, some don’t. We get that. We want to make sure your pet has the best experience possible and leaves us looking, feeling, and smelling their best. We know how important your pet is to you and how difficult it can be to trust someone with their care. We minimize stress by:

Eliminating wait time

Unlike many pet grooming services where you drop your pet off for hours and they have to wait until a spot opens up, Pooch Proper takes your pet at a scheduled time so you know your pet won’t have to wait in line becoming more anxious. By beginning and finishing the grooming process quickly and efficiently your dog can remain calm.

Being Efficient

We go out of our way to make our clients- you and your pet- comfortable, doing our best to minimize the amount of time it takes to groom.

Listening to your concerns

By speaking with you about your pet’s needs and any concerns you have beforehand we can make adjustments that will help your pet be more comfortable.

What does Dog Grooming include?

As professional groomers we are used to caring for a variety of dogs and getting good results in challenging situations. We have the proper tools to keep your fur baby safe, healthy and happy. A professional grooming session may include:


Tangles and mats are combed out before the bath, making it easier to lather the dog with shampoo.

Ear check

Ears are cleaned to remove buildup and to check for signs of infection.


Your pooch’s fur will be blow dried

Trimming, Clipping, Shaving

Fur will be trimmed above your dog’s eyes, at the tips of the ears and bottoms of the feet

Nail clipping

Your dog’s nails will be trimmed to a comfortable length for walking.

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